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2016 marked the revival of the KCA News Magazine! 


Formerly known as the Mangalorean Review, first published in 1920, and wound-up in 1941, here is an excerpt from the Platinum Jubilee Souvenir, 1976:

“For the first time, the Mangalorean Review was issued in 1920. It was intended to be the mouthpiece of the KCA, though it invited and accepted contributions from any member of the Community. Its success and popularity over two decades was due to the editorial and publishing skills of a number of persons. The scarcity of paper and technical problems, which were experienced after the outbreak of the Second World War, resulted in the Review being wound up”

You can read more on the history of the KCA and download the complete Platinum Jubilee Souvenir from the History section of this website (click here).

The magazine, in it’s 2016 Avatar is aptly named ‘Amchi Khobor‘. The first issue was launched at a special function held on July 23, 2016.

During the AGM held on Sept 22, 2019, a suggestion was made that we should change to the Mangalorean Konkani pronunciation of Our News. This was accepted. And so, your magazine will now be Amchi Khobar.
The Editorial Board for the Amchi Khobor News Magazine consists of the the following members:
  • Mr Rolin Mendonca, Editor
  • Ms Annemarie Rego, Co-Editor
  • Mr Merwyn D’souza
  • Mr Seedon D’souza ( Graphic and layout )

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Founded in 1901, the Kanara Catholic Association (KCA) Mumbai. 

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