Membership to the KCA is open to all those of Kanarite origin above 18 years, who subscribe to the Aims & Objectives of the institution & wish to contribute to, & help further these objectives.  

Prospective members may wish to note that the KCA is not a Gymkhana or Club, but a Public Trust which enjoys Income-tax exemptions for the charitable nature of it’s activities.  It is bound by certain Rules & Regulations which govern the working of the institution & is run within the framework of the laws & rules under which it is registered.
You can read about the Aims & Objectives of the KCA and download the KCA Rules & Regulations  to familiarise yourself about this wonderfully unique organisation whose primary aim is to ‘foster a spirit of union, friendship and self help among the members of the Association and others’
Membership Applications are decided by a Balloting Committee who have the authority to accept or reject applications without assigning any reason.  The decision of the Balloting Committee must be subsequently ratified by the Managing Council before members are accepted.
Click here to read about the members of the current Balloting Committee and the rules governing the acceptance of new members.
The following membership categories are available:



Donor Member

Rs 50,000

Life Member

Rs 10,000

Ordinary Member

Rs 1,000 per annum

Concessional Fee of Rs 500 per annum (applicable to children of Life Members between 18-25 years)

Members are entitled to all the benefits & privileges of membership for themselves, their spouse & children below 18 years as per Rule 7(c). Spouses & children do not have the privilege to vote at meetings. Further, the right to vote at any General Body Meeting shall be restricted only to those members whose names have been the rolls of the Association for a continuous period of not less than one year on the date of Annual General Meeting

Application forms may be downloaded from the bottom of this page.  Filled up applications forms may be handed over to the KCA Administrative office in Bandra. 
Please note that as per Rule 3(g), no applications for membership will be accepted two months prior to the Annual General Meeting of the Association.
Membership Application Form - 2018

Founded in 1901, the Kanara Catholic Association (KCA) Mumbai. 

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