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The KCA was formed in 1901 with the primary objective of “fostering a spirit of union, friendship and self help among the members of the Association and others“.  
This section of our website is dedicated towards achieving this objective.  We hope that this section will play no small part in helping members & others come together in unity…celebrate together, laugh together, serve together…as one team, one community 
We hope that in this process we can build a community that is vibrant, sharing, caring and moving forward together, in keeping with our motto (which is also emblazoned in the KCA logo) – ‘VIS UNITA FORTIOR (With Unity – Forever Forward)
Please browse through the different sub-sections of the ‘Building Community’ section & feel free to send in your contributions which can be posted here
    • Down the Corridors of time – will have articles on events & personalities that have shaped the Mangalorean community’s journey in Mumbai over the past 115 years
    • Prominent Personality Profiles – carries profiles of some of the prominent personalities in our community and celebrates the achievements of the eminent men & women of our community who have made a mark & can inspire the young people in our community
    • Young Achievers – highlights the achievements of members children & youngsters who have excelled in sports, music & academics
    • Obituaries – will enable us to pay our respects & tributes to the members of the KCA and their families who have passed away recently

Founded in 1901, the Kanara Catholic Association (KCA) Mumbai. 

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