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The KCA has always had a strong tradition & rich legacy of reaching out to others in a spirit of love & service. Our premises in Bandra was built with the charitable donations of many KCA members & well-wishers, and is a living testament to this legacy.
The Social & Charitable sub-committee primarily focuses on addressing the following Aims & Objectives of the KCA (click here for further details):
(3) To pursue social and charitable service generally and specially with a view to improving the moral, intellectual, economic and physical welfare of the members of the KCA and others by:

a) taking necessary steps to secure for them better conditions of life
b) providing for their education by means of schools, continuation classes, reading rooms, libraries and lectures;
c) providing for their medical relief and legal aid;

g) organising charitable and incidental institutions to relieve poverty and distress.
An associated Aim & Objective also being addressed by the Social & Charitable sub-committee, especially relevant in today’s context:   

(2) To collect and study social facts and social problems and to promote civic and general culture.
With effect from October 9, 2021
  1. Ms Anne-Marie Rego – Chairperson
  2. Ms Sunita Pais – Secretary
  3. Adrian Vaz
  4. Clotilda D’souza
  5. Anita Fernandes
Members who would like to join this sub-committee are requested to contact the Chairperson by sending an e-mail to

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Founded in 1901, the Kanara Catholic Association (KCA) Mumbai. 

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