Christmas Cheer 2016

December 18, 2016
The premises at KCA was beautifully lit and decorated with traditional Christmas tree, decorations, and a crib (or creche) of the nativity of Baby Jesus.  The atmosphere was filled with excitement, the mood was celebratory, and there was eager anticipation for the arrival of Members, their families, friends and children for an evening of fun, fellowship, and celebration with Santa, Christmas Carols, and Christmas Kuswar – to celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus and to foster the spirit of Christmas in the community.
Members, their families, friends and children entered the premises with smiles and enthusiasm, and made their way to the Christmas tree, where everyone helped themselves to Santa caps placed at the foot of the Christmas tree.  There was an air of awe and amazement as children accompanied by their parents moved around the premises marvelling at the Christmas tree, the crib, and the Christmas star which hung over the entrance gate, with many taking the opportunity to pose for photographs with their loved ones and friends.
Wilfred Fernandes’ six piece brass band playing joyous Christmas music welcomed Santa coming down the Mangalore Tile Factory Chimney, and Santa greeted the excited and vociferous children, with gifts and sweets.  Santa, surrounded with children and parents, led by the six piece brass band, danced with children around the premises, and gathered them around the Christmas tree.  Santa along with our Member – Compere Rolin Furtado further livened the atmosphere with community carol singing, merriment, dance and games.  Special snack boxes and Christmas Kuswar was then served to Members, their families, friends and children, as they gathered seated around the Christmas tree savouring the contents of Christmas Kuswar, and soaking the ambience and festivity of the evening.  
The gathering then moved to the Ground Floor Hall, which was beautifully decorated in a Christmas theme – courtesy the hours and expertise of our Hon. Treasurer Mr. Vernon Alvares.  The celebrations in the Ground Floor Hall was helmed by Rolin Furtado and one-man band cum DJ Kenneth Joseph, who enthralled the audience with his vocal skills, dishing out old tracks and songs of Christmas, encouraging the audience to sing along with rapture and collective enthusiasm.  Soon, folks moved to the dance floor, some broke into their own version of bollywood dancing, whilst others waltzed, and the highlight was the ‘Penguin Dance’ with everyone participating in this enormously popular dance move – the conga line, the hokey pokey, the bunny hop, etc,.
As part of the Christmas Cheer function, the third issue of ‘Amchi Khobor’, the news magazine of KCA, Mumbai, was released by Dr. Anthony J F Sequeira, a community stalwart and past Vice-President of KCA.  This issue of the ‘Amchi Khobor’ carries a special message from the Managing Council of KCA – a message of gratitude and reflection for the year gone by, and a time of hope and expectation for the year ahead.  
In the midst of the celebration, Rolin Furtado held a quiz for the audience to challenge their intellect about Christmas, and many children and their parents participated in the quiz, with spot prices awarded to the winners.  As others continued to dance, sing, and enjoy the ambit of songs being played, counters were set up where beverages and sumptuous freshly prepared dinner was served to Members, their families, friends and children.
The President of KCA, Mumbai, Mr. Sunil Alva, ended the evening with a vote of thanks, and words of encouragement – a message to continue working ardently in fostering a spirit of union, of constructive collaboration in taking forward this wonderful 115 year old community Institution.  He further acknowledged the contribution of Ms. Clara Menezes (Vice-President of the Association), Mr. Vernon Alvares (Hon. Treasurer of the Association), Mr. Eric D’Sa (Managing Council member) and most importantly, the KCA Staff, for bringing Christmas Cheer to the Members, their families, friends and children of KCA.
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Founded in 1901, the Kanara Catholic Association (KCA), Mumbai is the premier community organization of the Mangalorean Catholic community of Mumbai.  With approximately 800 members on its rolls, the KCA has a rich legacy of service to the community & society at large. 

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Founded in 1901, the Kanara Catholic Association (KCA) Mumbai. 

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