Christmas Cheer 2017

December 10, 2017

The Spirit of Christmas is upon us.  The advent of Christmas, a season steeped in tradition, and its significance stemmed in history, is as meaningful and relevant today, eternally contemporary, as in that long-ago night when shepherds followed the Star of Bethlehem to the Manger, honouring the sacred birth of Baby Jesus.  This season of joy and cheer is a time to awaken in us ideals to resurrect over false attachments; to propagate the message of love, peace, and tolerance; and rekindle the simple blessing of giving and receiving the Christ Spirit in Christmas.

This time, Christmas Cheer was celebrated in 3 Parts:
Part 1: Christmas Party for Underprivileged Kids
In keeping alive the Christmas Spirit of giving, in forgetting oneself and finding time for others, and in reaching out to the less priviledged amongst us, the KCA hosted 40 underpriviledged children from St. Catherine of Siena School and Orphanage, Divya Darshan, and The Rainbow Kids, in ushering the celebration of this season of Joy and cheer, and in making possible Christmas for them at the premises of Kanara Catholic Association on December 10, 2017.
The children accompanied with their caretakers were greeted and welcomed by the Members of the Cultural and Recreation Sub-Committee, and hostel residents of ‘Yuvakalaya’.  It was a joy to watch their youthful exuberance, the smiles and excitement writ on their faces, and the expectations of an evening filled with fun and entertainment.  The children were treated to fun ice-breaking sessions and a plethora of games.  What was most heart-warming was a wonderful turnout of 30 members children and guests, who joined the party and made each of our under-privileged guests feel special and accepted. 
The threshold of the kids’ joy and excitement knew no bounds upon seeing our ‘Singing Santa’.  They gleefully clamoured around ‘Singing Santa’, hugging and embracing him, whilst receiving sweets and chocolates from his Santa Bag.  ‘Singing Santa’ along with Members and hostel residents of ‘Yuvakalaya’ sang and danced in merriment with the children, before handing each one of them a well packed scrumptious box of snacks, and a bagful of games and toys.  The children wished everyone with a vociferous ‘Merry Christmas’ as they bade farewell.
Part 2: Christmas Cheer for Members & Guests
The festivities for Christmas moved to the Second Floor Hall, which was well planned and conducted by the witty MC, Lancy D’Souza, providing seamless continuity between varied sections of the evening’s performances.  Members, their families, and friends were entertained with live music and performance by the duo of Brynhild and Willie.  
The memorable experiences of the evening were performances by children of Members and hostel residents of ‘Yuvakalaya’ – every performance was greeted with rapture and thunderous applause.  The performances included:
  • Solo Songs  – by Nikita Vaz, Alisha Pais, and Vernon D’Souza;
  • Duet Song  – by Alisha Pais and Nayantara Alva;
  • Solo Instrumental (Flute) – by Anica D’Sa; and
  • Solo BeatBox – by Leon Mascarenhas.
The Cultural and Recreation Sub-Committee wholeheartedly thanks each of these young maestros for their breathtaking performances, and wishes each of them the very best in pursuing their interests in music.
Earlier, some of the KCA members, together with the hostel residents of ‘Yuvakalaya’ enthralled the gathering with medleys of carol singing in English and Konkani.  Games and other cultural activities were also organized for both children and adults to offer enjoyable moments to one and all, and spot gifts were given away as prizes.
As part of the programme, the latest issue of Amchi Khobor, i.e., Vol. 2, Issue No. 4, with its theme based on ‘Good Health‘, (an important Aim & Objective of the KCA Charter) was released by Mr. Arvind Pinto (Member of the Managing Council, Retired Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, and Advocate of the Bombay High Court) and Ms. Clara Menezes (Vice-President of the Association).
Members, their families, and friends savoured the merriment and ambiance of Christmas, the joy and cheer of each other’s companionship, the bonding of relationships, and the sharing of Christmas dinner together as one big family and community.
Part 3: Special Christmas Celebration for KCA Hostelites & Staff
The advent of Christmas, sometimes bring about mixed emotions, especially amongst those living far away from home, away from families and loved ones, at this special time of year.  In keeping with the Spirit of Christmas, and in extending Christmas Cheer at the KCA, the Cultural and Recreation Sub-Committee, hosted a special get-together / lunch for the hostel residents of ‘Yuvakalaya’ and Staff of the Association, on December 17, 2017.  Mr. Sunil Alva (President of the Association) and Managing council members, in their lively interaction with the hostel residents and staff, encouraged them to get to know more about the history of the hostel and to work together with the Managing Council to truly make the hostel a ‘home away from home’.
Lancy D’Souza, the MC for Christmas Cheer on December 10, 2017, kicked off the merriment for the afternoon with his repertoire of fun ice-breaking sessions, intellectual games and quizzes, witty jokes and jovial interactions, much to the likeness and appreciation of the hostel residents and staff.  The environment quickly livened with hostel residents introducing their own rendition of good live music and entertainment; their vigour and energy in having a memorable time visibly apparent and gratifying for the Members of the Sub-Committee.
As the celebrations wore on, it was time to partake in the sharing of a meal together for Christmas.  Lancy D’Souza led the gathering in the Grace before Meals, and a spread of sumptuously prepared lunch, was served to all.  It was an afternoon filled with camaraderie and fellowship; leaving each one with a sense of happiness and belonging; of being made special and wanted in this season of joy and cheer. 
The Cultural and Recreation Sub-Committee expresses its appreciation and wishes to thank all those for helping make Christmas Cheer a heartwarming and memorable celebration at Kanara Catholic Association.  May this season of love and joy, help us cherish peace and kindness, be plenteous in mercy, be wrapped in love and warmth, and experience the blessing of giving and receiving the Christ Spirit in Christmas.
Here’s wishing all Members, their families and loved ones, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.    
Cultural and Recreation Team

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Founded in 1901, the Kanara Catholic Association (KCA) Mumbai. 

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