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Profile by Dr. Jeanette Pinto
Business is an area or profession or work that most people hesitate to enter into, simply because it involves a variety of heavy risks.  One may or may not succeed because one fears loss not only of finance but also of confidence and self-esteem.  There is much at stake.  Courage, self-confidence, determination and hard work are the essential qualities that a businessman must have.  It is heartening to know that many of the young men, who hailed from Mangalore plucked up courage, plunged into the network of businesses in Mumbai and are reaping the benefits of success.

The KCA is proud of one of their early Members, Christopher John, who is today a top ranking businessman and has a business empire of his own.  Christopher in his early twenties lost his dear parents.  Being the eldest in the family, he had to shoulder the responsibility of running the family business.  He also had to support his younger siblings and help them settle well in life.

Almost five decades ago, Christopher John used to point to the sea at Marine Drive and say he owned land ‘over there’.  The one acre plot was reclaimed in the 70’s and left untouched for a couple of years for the land to acclimatize to city conditions.  Today, the Nariman Point that his sons know is a very different place.  It is the city’s famous and costliest business sector.  It has imposing buildings like Bhaktawar Tower, Earnest House, Hoechst House, Maker Chambers and others, thus, earning the title of being the “Manhattan of Mumbai”.

Christopher is the Chairman of the “Earnest John Group of Companies”.  He has with flair successfully expanded extensively in Real Estate & Infrastructure Development.  Christopher is a dynamic business leader who conducts his business with zest, enthusiasm, and élan.   A true visionary, he has worked towards making the company which has been in existence since the 1970’s into a huge impressive conglomerate.  The group has diversified into multi-faceted activities in chemicals, pharmaceuticals, bulk drugs, textiles, real estate, property development, shipping and exports.  That is a remarkable achievement.

Their headquarters is located at the iconic 17 storey building at Earnest House, mainly owned by Christopher.  The building has a unique design and is in the French-style.  In 2006, Earnest House was ranked as one of the best buildings in Nariman Point.  One report states that it has a low base and in the event of an earthquake, the entire building will not collapse and fall because the building’s side walls are sturdy.

The organization has strong core values and is known for its mission.  The group is presently actively involved in Port Development and is building one of the largest Ports in Maharashtra, with an investment of Rs. 10,000 crores.  The group has also identified other ports and intend to further develop more ports around the world.  That is truly an amazing venture.

Behind every man there is a woman, and so Christopher is proud of his dear wife Doris who is a highly capable lady and very supportive of his ventures.  They have two sons who are helping him in the various businesses.  They also have a daughter who is successful and owns a law firm.

Christopher is not only a man who thinks big, but also a man of the head and heart.  His philosophy in life is to work hard and to pray harder.  He understands his social responsibility, takes part in social organizations and supports many Catholic charities and causes in the Archdiocese of Bombay.  In fact, he was also one of those who made a very substantial contribution towards the building of “Yuvakalaya”, a hostel for young men in Bandra.

He believes that it is essential for every human being to experience life and all its facets and develop a well-rounded personality.  He enjoys various sports activities, but is more passionate about golf.

Christopher often recalls the ‘good old days’; he says, with much nostalgia, “I have seen Nariman Point grow over the years, and I’ve enjoyed every moment here. It is certainly the pulse of the city and we would like to be part of its celebration as it will continue to flourish.”

Christopher is truly an inspiration to the youth of today.  He is a dynamic leader to all those considering a profession in the business field. 

The KCA Members and the Catholic community at large are proud of him and salute him for carving out a niche for himself in this great megapolis of ‘Amchi Mumbai’.

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Founded in 1901, the Kanara Catholic Association (KCA) Mumbai. 

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