Guidelines for Member Correspondence & Visits to the KCA

The Managing Council has issued Guidelines for Member Correspondence & Members visiting the KCA which are given below.  

These guidelines are also available in downloadable format at the bottom of this page and were published in the Jan-Mar 2018 issue of Amchi Khobor

Members are requested to adhere to these guidelines to ensure a smoother & more efficient administration of the Institution.

1: Guidelines for Member Correspondence

1. Members may send their Correspondence via e-mail at; you can also send letters to our Administrative Office at:

        KCA Hall & Hostel
        Veronica Road
        Bandra (West) 
        Mumbai 400 050

2. Please mention your Full Name, KCA Membership No., Postal Address & Contact No. in your e-mail / letter.

3. Receipt acknowledgements will be sent by the Member Relations Manager to all e-mails.

4. The Member Relations Manager will review the correspondence & forward the same to the Hon. Secretary & other office bearers for further action; routine queries for information will be responded to by the Member Relations Manager.

5. If the matter is deemed important, the office bearers will discuss the same at the Managing Council meetings before a response is provided; other matters will be responded to by the Hon. Secretary after the same is discussed with the other office bearers.

6. All complaints will be looked into by the office bearers / Managing Council. Please give adequate time for your complaints to be looked into before a response is provided.

7. When sending e-mails, please do not copy the e-mails to persons not connected with the matter at hand. You are off-course free to subsequently forward the e-mail to whomsoever you wish to.

8. Any e-mails or letters with complaints or allegations should be backed by adequate proof or supporting documents; kindly avoid using accusatory or derogatory language against any individual. Please note that defamation is now a serious offence in India and the KCA will not be party to any letters or e-mails which defame an individual without basis or proof.

9. Response to e-mails will be sent only to the Sender by the Member Relations Manager; responses by letters will be sent only to the Sender on the letterhead of KCA duly signed by the Hon. Secretary.
2. Guidelines for Members Visiting the KCA Premises

1. Members are free to visit the premises of KCA Yuvakalaya for using its various sports & other facilities

2. Members may note the timings of the KCA Administrative Office are 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM (Monday – Saturday); with a lunch break from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM.

3. Members are requested to visit the KCA Administrative Office only for any enquiries pertaining to ‘Member Activities’ (Cultural Events) or ‘Community Services’ (Hostel Enquiries, Hall Bookings, Sports, Financial Assistance).

4. For security & other reasons, Members are not permitted to enter the Young Men’s Hostel which is on the third floor of the building.

5. Members are encouraged to respect the sanctity of the premises, and are encouraged to refrain from interfering with the rights, comforts or convenience of the Patrons using the community halls, sports facilities, or any facilities for which the Patrons are present in the premises of KCA.

6. Please interact with the KCA Staff with respect, courtesy, and politeness, whilst at the same time, adhering to the purpose of the business at hand.

7. The Staff of KCA are not authorized to share any papers, documents, information, etc., with Members,which may be deemed confidential or which is not available in the public domain (i.e., KCA Website, Amchi Khobor Newsletter, Charity Commissioner’s Office etc), unless authorized in writing, by the Managing Council.

8. Please refrain from engaging Staff or Patrons of KCA with unsolicited comments, verbal allegations or complaints, which bring disrepute to the KCA and the community which it represents

9. All grievances or complaints to be submitted in writing or through e-mails for which separate ‘Guidelines for Member Correspondence’ are applicable.

About Us

Founded in 1901, the Kanara Catholic Association (KCA), Mumbai is the premier community organization of the Mangalorean Catholic community of Mumbai.  With approximately 800 members on its rolls, the KCA has a rich legacy of service to the community & society at large. 

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Founded in 1901, the Kanara Catholic Association (KCA) Mumbai. 

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