The KCA Rules pertaining to the admission of members & formation of balloting committee are as follows:

a) Application for membership shall be in the prescribed form and shall be addressed to the Honorary Secretary. Every candidate for admission as a Donor, Life or Ordinary Member shall be proposed by a member.
b) The Council of the Association shall in each year as soon as practicable after holding the Annual General Body Meeting select unanimously 5 Members to the Balloting Committee including therein
i) Four from among Life members
ii) One from among the Council members
  • The President and the Hon. Secretary shall ipso-facto be the Chairman and the Hon. Secretary of the Balloting Committee with voting rights
  • The Chairman shall have a Casting vote
  • Balloting Committee shall decide all matters relating to the admission of Members to the Association and shall remain in office until the appointment of a new Balloting Committee
  • The Council shall be at liberty to re-select any of the Members holding office in the Balloting Committee
  • In the absence of The President , any member of the Balloting Committee may be elected by the Members present to preside at any Meeting of the Balloting Committee. Voting by Proxy shall not be permissible to any member.
  • The quorum for a meeting of the Balloting Committee shall be five.
  • A member of the Balloting Committee shall be deemed to have vacated his office by death, resignation or absence from Mumbai for a continuous period of 6 months and such vacancies shall be filled by the Council.
  • No member of the Balloting Committee shall propose or second any candidate for membership
c) All applications for Membership shall be placed by Honorary Secretary before the next meeting of the Balloting Committee. The selection of candidates to membership shall be by voting. No candidate shall be declared selected unless a simple majority of the members of the Balloting Committee shall have voted for him.
d) If a candidate is not selected, the Honorary Secretary shall inform his proposer accordingly and he shall not be proposed again until the expiration of at least one year thereafter
e) If a candidate is selected by the Balloting Committee, his name shall be communicated to the Council & his name shall then be accepted at the next meeting of the Council
f) On the acceptance by the Council he shall be admitted as a member and shall be notified in writing by the Honorary Secretary and he shall be called upon to remit to the Honorary Secretary within 10 days from the receipt of such communication, the amount payable by him for his Entrance Fee and his Annual Fee or other subscription as the case may be


With effect from October 9, 2021
  1. Mr. Sunil Lobo – Chairman
  2. Mr. Merwyn D’souza – Hon. Secretary
  3. Mr. Sanjay Rego – MC Member         
  4. Mr. Timothy Coelho – Life Member
  5. Ms. Lincoln Coelho – Life Member
  6. Mr. Christopher Rego – Life Member
  7. Mr. Eric D’souza – Life Member

Founded in 1901, the Kanara Catholic Association (KCA) Mumbai. 

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