Monti Saibinishi Fest 2016


On September 25, 2016 Monti Fest was celebrated with much fervour & gaiety for the first time at KCA Mumbai.  
Click here to read a report and view photographs of the function.


Event Announcement:
AGM! Sounds boring Yeah? We feel from attendance in the past AGMs most Members of KCA may feel as you do, especially if a Sunday morning or evening is to be spent travelling long distances, just to listen to some statistics and speeches! 
So what can be done to make it rewarding. While we will definitely like your views at the meeting on how to make our Association more active socially and culturally, while we meet the obligations laid down in the objects of the Association, we want to also make it a fun cultural day for you and your family 

Hence, it was decided, (as far as we are aware for the first time in the history of our Association), to bring to you the MONTHI SAIBINISHI FEST on the same day as the AGM. We had to postpone it by a couple of weeks to avoid clashing with the Bandra Feast during which the there is heavy traffic near Yuvakalaya. The function is strictly for members and their families only. 
If you prefer, next time we will have it on the Sunday before the feast day. 
We will do our best to give you a true feeling of being in Kodial on a feast day!! 
The flyer can be downloaded from the bottom of this page

Cultural & Recreation team
Coupons for the Buffet Lunch will be available @ Rs 100 per person upto September 23rd at the KCA office during office hours. Children below 6 years are free

Drinks will be served and will be available at cost at the venue

Please note that purchase of coupons for the Buffet lunch is optional. Members attending only the AGM, need not purchase coupons.
The Programme:

9.30 AM: Members received with flowers at the entrance 

10.00 AM: Konkani Mass begins promptly at the ground floor hall, celebrated by Bishop Percival Fernandez, with Konkani hymns, during which new paddy will be blessed for distribution to members later 
10.45 AM: Adoration & Procession of Mother Mary including offering of flowers (‘Aboli’ and ‘Shivnti’) by children and then the adults 
11.15 AM: Light refreshments will be served 

11.30 AM: The voting Members will remain in the ground floor Hall for the AGM. The rest of the family will proceed to the first floor Hall for games & a Cultural programme both in English and Konkani. The cultural group ‘Konkani Melodies‘ will regale you with songs from Amchi Gaon! 

1.00 PM: Enjoy a specially prepared Buffet lunch with 9 different Mangalorean vegetable dishes, a fish coconut curry for those who want some variety, the traditional sweet dish ‘vorn’ and other savouries, for just a nominal amount of Rs. 100/-
Buffet Lunch Menu: 

Vegetable Dishes – 
(1) Channa Sukke, (2) Bhindi Thale, 
(3) Pio Suke, (4) Green Banana Suke, 
(5)Tendli and cashew Suke, (6) Pathrade Gassi, 
(7) Turiya Mung Gassi, (8) Walche Bajee with Dhal curry, 
(9) Aloo Dhento curry.

Non Veg – Mangalore Kane coconut fish curry

Rice Dishes – Boiled Rice & Sannas 
Starter – Milk with Noveo 
Salad – Cucumber Karamb 

Pickles – Sweet lime pickle, Minced Mango pickle 

Sweet – Worne

About Us

Founded in 1901, the Kanara Catholic Association (KCA), Mumbai is the premier community organization of the Mangalorean Catholic community of Mumbai.  With approximately 800 members on its rolls, the KCA has a rich legacy of service to the community & society at large. 

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Founded in 1901, the Kanara Catholic Association (KCA) Mumbai. 

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